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Our team of Samurais with 10+ years of experience in software development can turn any idea into a product you will be thrilled with.

Meet the lead warriors
Vanja Ivosevic profile picture
Vanja Ivošević
Project Manager
Ivica Sertic profile picture
Ivica Sertić
Web Team Lead
Matija Premec profile picture
Matija Premec
Senior UX/UI Designer

All of our Samurai live by the Code. Inspired by the Japanese Bushido, their approach to work is based on the following seven virtues:

GI / Integrity

We’re dead serious about the quality of our work. Once we commit to a project, we won’t stop working until we reach perfection. We’ll test, experiment, iterate, and readily overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

REI / Respect

We deeply care about creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect when working with our clients. We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of every good professional relationship.

YU / Heroic Courage

We bravely accept any challenge that is put before us. We take pride in our ability to turn ideas into reality.

MEIYO / Honor

We approach every project with great seriousness and develop products that we can proudly stand behind.

JIN / Compassion

We’re efficient problem-solvers, but we know that in order to solve problems, you need to care about the people you’re solving problems for.

MAKOTO / Honesty & Sincerity

We strongly believe that speaking and doing are the same action. If we say we’ll do it – we’ll do it. On-time. To the highest possible standard.

CHU / Duty & Loyalty

We believe it’s our duty to research and learn about every aspect of your business to produce great work. We’ll stay loyal to our shared vision throughout all phases of product development.

We work smart and play hard
Sunčica working on some layout ideas.
Developer's work space
Nikola is in the zone, coding something excellent.
Samurais squaring off in the game room.
Designers figuring out user journeys with sticky notes.
design sprint sketches
Just some sketches from one of our Design Sprint workshops.
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