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SoFlow - Case Study

How we improved SoFlow's mobile app by reinventing the wheel


SoFlow AG, a Swiss-based company selling e-scooters, e-boards and accessories, had a mobile app developed in React Native, but they weren’t really happy with it. That’s when they decided to reach out to us.

The app was originally designed to connect to an electric scooter via Bluetooth. It is intended for both Android and iOS operating systems. The end user can create an account, unlock and lock the scooter by using the app, track their ride history, track how many miles they have traveled this month, or overall, etc.

We started work with the following requests from the SoFlow team:

  1. They wanted app development to be continued in the existing React Native framework, because creating a new native app would take up too many resources.
  2. They wanted to implement new scooter models into the existing app.
  3. They also wanted the app to be enriched with additional features, such as a ticketing system.

Our team really put their shoulders to the wheel to learn new frameworks as quickly as possible.

This way we significantly reduced the client’s costs and were able to continue development of the app in React Native.

Besides that, our team enriched the app with new features and solved the following problems:

  • Fixed all the bugs, gave the app’s GUI a fresh new face and improved the overall UX.
  • Implemented a virtual currency system („flow miles“) that enables users to exchange their miles with vouchers they can use in the webshop. Besides for a loyalty program, SoFlow will use this system for contests (end users with a certain number of kilometers traveled qualify for a random prize-draw).
  • Added a ticketing system to the app that handles users’ queries and is connected to the client’s backend.

Satisfied with our development on the app, SoFlow also asked us to take over their web shop, which was migrated to a new solution (WooCommerce), which was also additionally optimized and extended with new features.

  • Reduced development costs by continuing work in the existing framework
  • More user-friendly app, enriched with additional features
  • Increased revenue through an improved and more optimized web shop
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