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MobilityBox - Case Study

How we created three custom websites by thinking outside the box


MobilityBox Gmbh is a Swiss start-up focused on sustainable tourism that offers additional services to hotels – from consulting, to logistics, to the design and marketing of the hotel and its services.

“Good hotel business is easy to define: When the guest leaves the house happier than he came”, states MobilityBox on their website. We believe it’s the same with web development – it’s not just about making our client happy – it’s also about making the website visitors happy and creating the best possible user experience.


Since MobilityBox is a company that grows quickly and their needs change accordingly, they needed someone adaptable, willing to face challenges on the go.

We started work on this case with the following requests from the client:

  • They originally needed a website with a voucher system that enables their customers to browse and buy the best brunch deals and hotel deals.
  • They had confidence that we would create a good look & feel for the website, so they included us in the whole process of rebranding and creating a visual identity. We came up with content together as well.

Since our client’s wishes and goals changed as they grew, we ended up creating three different websites in WordPress:

We’ve decided that it was best for customers to separate buying brunch deals and hotel deals and made two minimalistic, but visually appealing websites.

On end, visitors can feast their eyes on striking food photography and search offer using filters – region, cuisine, and ambient. is made in the same style, the only difference being filters – visitors can choose a hotel based on the region, accommodation-related activities, a number of stars, etc., and view it on the map.

Each website has its own CMS (Content Management System).

In addition, we have created a special page for MobilityBox, where users can find information about their services, partners with whom they cooperate, as well as their contact. The design of the website best reflects what MobilityBox is – modern, dynamic, and personal. A dynamic feel is achieved by a video background that shows the people of MobilityBox.

We’ve successfully adapted to their pace of development to meet all their requirements and delivered the following results: 

  • Better user experience with separate websites for brunch deals and hotel deals, as well as a special website for company info
  • Unique, but consistent visual identity across all three websites

Our collaboration is ongoing, and we plan to introduce some new functionalities to the web soon.

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