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Bikebox - Case study

How we built a unique web shop for the top bicycle re-seller in Switzerland


BikeBox AG is a Swiss company that specializes in selling, renting, as well as servicing bikes and e-bikes. We’ve already successfully collaborated on a number of projects with their parent company, so they reached out to us once again to help them build their new web shop. 


As aspiring leaders in the two-wheeler industry, the BikeBox team had a lot of ideas and requirements which they wanted to implement. They didn’t want a simple web shop, but one worthy of the top bike re-seller in Switzerland. So, the approach was to build it from scratch and customize it to showcase the entire inventory from numerous physical shops across the country.

We started working on this case with several requirements from the client:

  1. They wanted to unite all of their physical shops in different locations under the same brand name.
  2. They wanted a web shop with a unique design that stands out and responds specifically to the needs of bike customers.
  3. They also wanted us to create conditions for partnerships with other brands and their web shops.
  4. Their desire was to create a seamless shopping experience for their consumers with features like different product variants – different colors and sizes for the same product to be visible.

The latter requirement was the biggest challenge our team faced because the creation of product variants required custom development, i.e. development beyond the possibilities of the WooCommerce platform for WordPress.

Not only did we meet all their requirements, but we went beyond that.

To enable collaboration with other brands, we’ve developed a JavaScript module for integrating other web shops into their website. We adapted the look and feel to make it seem like the user is buying from BikeBox.

Work on the project is still not finished, because we are constantly coming up with new functions and features to give customers more possibilities to find the perfect product.

The plan is to create BikeBox kids, a web shop for children bikes, as well as to add features for more interactive shopping experience, such as automated sizing.

Based on the analysis that our client does with Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the shopping process for the end user.

  • WooCommerce webshop with a unique design, specifically tailored to the needs of bike customers
  • Seamless shopping experience with custom development features 
  • Increased revenue through collaboration with other brands, achieved with JavaScript module for integration with other webshops

 “With Samurai Digital, we were able to realize our webshop as we imagined it, thanks to their vast experience and valuable insider tips. The Samurai Digital team thinks proactively and they helped us a lot on a conceptual level. All in all, our collaboration was always constructive and very pleasant.”

Bikebox Team
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